10+ (Eye-Pleasing) Photos Of “Truly” Adorable Puppies To Brighten Your Week

The ‘Adorable Puppies’ List Starts After The Intro

Puppies are undeniably cute. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog-person or a cat-person, the one thing we can all agree on is that puppies are entirely too adorable – sometimes, I swear, they are so cute it physically hurts to look at them. Not that it has ever stopped me from spending hours scrolling through collections of puppy pics!

The following puppies are certainly no exception. These wet-nosed little balls of fluff are so heartachingly adorable, it is hard to believe they are real.

Playing in the sand, snow or grass, or just resting up for tomorrow’s adventures, everything these little darlings do is unquestionably adorable.

What humans did to deserve these precious pups, I will never know, but I sure am glad we have these sweet little guys and gals by our sides.

#1 Look at those glittering eyes!

#2 This is Fred. He’s a 3.5 month old piranha

#3 Looks like a mustache and monocle!

#4 Just a dog eating ice cream to make your day better

#5 “What do you mean you have to go to work tomorrow?”

#6 Guard dog pawtrol

#7 Eat, sleep repeat

#8 The Goodest Boy Of All Time

#9 Those eyes belong in a Dreamworks animated movie

#10 “Mommy can we have a look at the snack section please”

#11 “Come oonnnn I wanna go play”

#12 The most powerful puppy face ever

#13 Let’s play fetch!

#14 That smile could light up a whole town

#15 That face! You can’t say no to it…EVER!!

#16 Photobomb Expert

#17 The happiest Corgi puppy blessing your timeline

#18 It’s Stitch!

#19 Time to relax

#20 Blep

#21 Look at that cheeky little smile

#22 When you finally stop chasing your tail and start chasing your dreams

#23 i’m on a seafood diet, i see food and i eat it

#24 Time is fleeting, so enjoy every minute with this little tyke

#25 I love it when puppies look like little bears

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