10+ (Impressive) Photos Of Earth’s Rarest And “Most Beautiful” Horses

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Horses are powerful but graceful, free-spirited yet willing to serve, and monstrously strong but capable of great gentleness.

It is no wonder these magnificent creatures have remained by our sides for thousands of years, capturing the hearts and minds of generation after generation.

Coming in all shapes, sizes, there is a horse out there for you – no matter if you favor the sleek speed of a thoroughbred, the strong surefootedness of a shire, or the powerful elegance of an Andalusian.

These horses perfectly demonstrate the magnificence of the horse in all its forms. Showing off some of the most stunning breeds of horse, this collection has something for everyone. From golden akhal-tekes to leopard-spotted knabstruppers, the beauty of the horse world is on full display.

#1 Chocolate Silver Dapple Pinto

#2 Akhal-Teke

#3 Gypsy Horse

#4 Friesian

#5 Friesian/Appaloosa Crossbreed

#6 Haflingers

#7 Trakehner

#8 Percheron

#9 Shire Horse

#10 Norwegian Fjord Horse

#11 Arabian Horse

#12 Tinker Horse

#13 Rocky Mountain Horse

#14 Appaloosa

#15 Knabstrupper

#16 Orlov Trotter

#17 Gypsy Horse

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