10+ (Heartwarming) Photos Of Cats “Growing Up,” It’s Crazy How Some Things Never Change

The ‘Beautiful Cat Pictures’ List Starts After The Intro

In the space of a few short weeks, kittens go from being tiny, furry babies, with unopened eyes to athletic teens, ready to pounce and grab whatever catches their attention (which may be your feet, if you’re unlucky!)

Within next to no time at all, they’re fully grown adults, many times the size of when they joined your family – with large breeds like the Maine coon, that change can be monumental!

These owners shared pictures of their feline friends on that special arrival day and now, showing off just how big they’ve grown! It is hard to believe that these little, furry beans can grow into such powerful and graceful animals – and harder still to believe just how beautiful these cats grew-up to be!

#1 Still Battling With Mr. Croc

  1. Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho
    A little bit psycho
    At night she’s screamin’
    “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind”

#2 Still nap together

#3 Still A Team

#4 Still Together

#5 Enjoys Sitting In Her Food Dish, Then And Now

#6 Still Wants All The Attention

#7 Still Enjoys Her Fancy Sofa

#8 Still has the same favorite box

#9 Squinting, Then And Now

#10 Still Cuddling

#11 Has His Favorite Chair, Then And Now

#12 Still Loves To Snuggle With Dad

#13 Still claims the same chair

#14 Likes Laying In The Sink, Then And Now

#15 Likes To Relax In The Guitar Case, Then And Now

#16 Still Loves Hanging Out In The Camera Bag

#17 Still loves the same hammock swing

#18 Still Loves His Bed

#19 Still thinks she’s a parrot

#20 Best friends, Then And Now

#21 Still In Love With The Same Toy

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