If You Ever Feel Sad, These 10+ Hilarious “Unphotogenic” Animals Will Make You Smile

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We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve just woken up or had one too many, each of us has experienced the horror of being photographed at the wrong time.

Speaking from my own experience, that is swiftly followed by a rather undignified chasing of the photographer and pleading for the chance to take a much more flattering selfie!

It’s the nature of the photography beast and, as it happens, it’s an equal opportunities offender. That’s right, even the cutest animals aren’t safe from this monster.

Sneeze or yawn at the wrong time and its captured forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a flame-haired filly pictured with an overly-toothy grin or the King and Queen of the Jungle caught in the act, there is no getting over these hilariously unfortunate shots.

#1 “Strangers aren’t welcome here”

#2 Pothead

#3 Spoiled Cali girl

#4 Ready? Strike a pose!

#5 Excited introvert

#6 Smile for the camera!

#7 Pleased Food critic

#8 “I should’ve gone to bed earlier yesterday”

#9 When the coffee kicks in

#10 Say cheese

#11 Hide-and-seek professional

#12 The face you make before you sneeze

#13 “You’re so hot, I’m melting…”

#14 When the catnip kicks in

#15 One too many

#16 Mildly unphotogenic

#17 Hangover

#18 When you’re hungry but also mad at someone

#19 Chronically grumpy

Chronically grumpy

#20 Laughs the hardest at his own jokes

#21 Heartbroken

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