22 (Hilarious) Photos Of “Goofy,” Funny Horses, It’s Crazy How Silly They Are

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Horses are known to be strong, graceful and, perhaps most of all, beautiful.

Some may not know, they can also be pretty goofy – usually thanks to their sometimes overly-toothy grin.

Add in a touch of good timing and you’ve got yourself some hilarious horsey photos, and what better place to share them than the internet?

Thankfully, that is exactly what these people did, so now we can share them with you!

These horses were captured at just the right moment to show off their dorky sides – and expressions that might just put you in mind of a certain, rather over-the-top actor. Whether they’re smiling for the camera or just for their friends, you’ll struggle to keep a straight face at these goofily-grinning ponies!

#1 Look I’m a kangaroo

#2 Group selfie

#3 Hey, how you doin’?

#4 Pajama Party

#5 Silly selfie

#6 Me after a bad night’s sleep

#7 My soulmate

#8 Doh!

#9 Not amused

#10 My presence is a present

#11 Twinning

#12 What do you mean personal space?!

#13 Drinks on me!

#14 Say cheese!

#15 Alien

#16 When you suddenly remember that joke your friend told you 3 years ago

#17 Photobomb

#18 You may kiss the bride

#19 There’s a new sheriff in town

#20 Peekaboo

#21 When you’re so funny you make yourself laugh

#22 Instagram-ready

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