12+ (Hilarious) Photos Of “Weird” Flexible Cats, Cirque Du Soleil Eat Your Heart Out

The ‘Weird Cat’ List Starts After The Intro

If you haven’t been keeping up with the ‘if it fits, I sits’ trend on social media, you’ve been missing out.

Luckily, we can get you up to speed with these wonderful pictures.

Just as the name suggests, this is all about cats and how they’re willing to squeeze into the smallest and most ridiculous of spaces.

Often, cats are described as being made of liquid and it’s hard to argue with these felines flowing freely into all sorts of locations from fish bowls to small plastic cups. Word of warning, however, don’t look too closely because these cats will take a little piece of your heart.

If you’ve ever taken a picture of your liquid cat in a weird and wonderful space, we urge you to get in touch because the world would love to see!

#1 “Please Drink Responsibly”

#2 Catfish

#3 Cotton candy

#4 Pancake

#5 Clogged sink

#6 Looking like a snack has never been so easy …

#7 As sweet as candy

#8 “This is my impression of a picke”

#9 If Monday was a cat

#10 Dracula 2.0

#11 Picture of a bowl of flour

#12 Furry baguette

#13 Life of the party

#14 Cool cat’s impression of a hot dog

#15 Catpuccino

#16 “I’m not fat, i’m fluffy”

#17 Lasagna

#18 “look I am a pillow”

#19 The Sweetest Wine In The World

#20 “You can’t see me I’m a flower”

#21 Lava lamp

#22 I’ll have a cup of that!

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