29 (Hilarious) Photos Of Dogs Who Have Mastered “The Art Of Sleeping”

The ‘Silly Dogs’ List Starts After The Intro

As smart as they are, sometimes dogs do some strange things – in this case, falling asleep in the oddest places and positions!

Sometimes you’re just so dog-tired that you can’t help but drift off wherever you are, even if that happens to be on the stairs, in a pond or on a table. Who are we to judge?

From yoga poses on the sofa to passing out mid-playtime, these pups found some interesting new places to have a snooze. Personally, I think I prefer my own comfy bed to any of these unique spots – but I suppose sleeping in your food bowl has its merits too (you don’t have to get out of ‘bed’ for your midnight snack, for starters)!

#1 The vampire

The vampire

#2 “My physiotherapist said this is good for my lower back”

#3 The grass is too soft

The grass is too soft

#4 Eat, sleep, repeat

Eat, sleep, repeat

#5 All aboard the sleep train

All aboard the sleep train

#6 Downward-Facing Dog

#7 Late night studying

Late night studying

#8 Sleeping on the job

Sleeping on the job

#9 It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Supernapper

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Supernapper

#10 After dinner nap

#11 Napaholic


#12 Perfect

#13 Professional napper

#14 It’s more comfortable than it looks

#15 Paws in the face, head in the clouds

#16 10 points!

#17 Soulmates

#18 Waterbed

#19 Sleeping while on duty

#20 He Clearly Didn’t Read the Instructions Manual

He Clearly Didn't Read the Instructions Manual

#21 Group nap

#22 Big Pup Problems

#23 Watch your step

#24 Bedtime yoga

Bedtime yoga

#25 Copycat


#26 They’ve already counted all the sheep

#27 Food lover

#28 Quick power nap

#29 Chairs are overrated

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