If You Ever Feel Down, These (10+) Sleepy Mini Kittens Will Make You “Smile”

The ‘Sleeping Kittens’ List Starts After The Intro

Like all baby animals, kittens love to sleep, and they are adorable when they do!

They need plenty of energy to explore the world and learn all the things they need to know about life as a cat, so it is no surprise they take a lot of naps. And if there is one thing cuter than an awake kitten, it’s a sleeping kitten!

It seems these precious little cats know the importance of beauty sleep, whether they are curled up with a kitty friend or just a favorite toy, they’re making sure to take a well-earned rest – even if some did find some rather unusual places do to so. Being a kitten takes an awful lot of energy, after all!

#1 Look at those ears

#2 Dustball

#3 Batcat

#4 He hates sleeping alone

#5 Tissue bed

#6 Group napping

#7 It’s been a long day

#8 Nap addict

#9 Read me a bedtime story

#10 Fluffball

#11 Already feeling at home

#12 Puss in sandal

#13 Warm belly

#14 Sleep vs kitten 1-0

#15 Pocket kitty

#16 Knocked out

#17 Cuddle buddies

#18 Nap buddies

#19 Tiny big spoon

#20 Real love

#21 Custom-made sleeping bag

#22 Pile of sleeping kittens

#23 Sweet dreams

#24 Charging battery

#25 Cosy

#26 Safe and warm

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