21 Adorable Photos Of Proud Cat Mommies And Their Mini-Lookalikes

The ‘Sweet Cat’ List Starts After The Intro

There is a new fashion trend in town, folks – ‘twinning’.

That is apparently where, instead of being horrified that you accidentally turned up to a party in the same outfit as someone else, you and your friends wear the same thing on purpose.

Apparently, some celebrities are even ‘twinning’ with their kids. Now, I can’t say I know much about fashion, but I’m not so sure it is a trend that will catch on (or last long) for humans.

However, some twinning bonds will never be broken, as these mama cats and kits show! It is sure to be double-trouble when these duos are on the prowl. These mommy and mini-me pairs are certain to make you double-take and maybe even ask, “Is there a glitch in the matrix?”

#1 Proud parents

#2 Copy-pasted

#3 Copycat

#4 Attached

#5 Twinning

#6 Happy family

#7 “Like this momma?”

#8 Family

#9 Be quiet now

#10 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

#11 Quality time

#12 Look at my baby

#13 Always together

#14 Snuggle time

#15 Similarities

#16 Big family

#17 Big hug

#18 Twins

#19 I love you mommy

#20 What are you looking at

#21 Safe

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