19 “Adorable” Photos Of Cute Bulldog Puppies (Big-Boned, Chunky & Wrinkly)

The ‘Cute Bulldog Puppies’ List Starts After The Intro

Bulldogs have an undeniably unique look, with their short, wrinkled faces and stubby little legs. Given this, it may seem odd that they would be chosen as the mascots of sports teams and militaries, and even come to symbolize a nation – but thanks to their bravery and loyalty in the face of danger, that is exactly what they have become.

In recent years, bulldogs have even become rather fashionable – particularly the French variety.

Most importantly, bulldogs make wonderful canine companions. These ever-popular pets may not always be the most athletic (although they have been known to skateboard), but they certainly make up for that with their huge personalities!

No matter if your favorite flavor of bulldog is English, American or French, we have the perfect puppy pic collection for you.

#1 I love the dot on his head

#2 “Hit the snooze button please!”

#3 Professional nappers

#4 “Rawr!”

#5 Good times

#6 Chunky potato

#7 Look at that beautiful belly!

#8 A bucket of cuteness

#9 Lovely face, warm eyes

#10 Sleeping is my favorite hobby

#11 “I’m so tired…”

#12 boyband album cover

boyband album cover

<a rel="nofollow" href=""Jmarcoz

#13 Sun salutation yoga pose

#14 “Hello world”

#15 Quick power nap

#16 after-dinner nap

#17 “Delish!”

#18 I wish I was as flexible as this pup

#19 Happiness

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