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20 (Emotional) Photos Of Friendly Dogs Being “Very Good Boys,” They Know What Love Is

Dogs are known as man’s best friend – and for good reason. They’re smart, loyal, and have endless, unconditional love for their families.

They also happen to make great babysitters and big siblings for the little humans among us.

Dogs love nothing more than to be by our sides (or to be on top of us, whenever possible) and they’ve certainly earned their place in our hearts.

These precious pups show off all the best bits of having a canine companion. Whether they are heroically saving their owner from a near-death experience or just providing late night companionship for a dad on baby-feeding duty, it is clear that wherever you go and whatever you do, everything is better with a loyal – and furry – friend nearby!

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Ava Miller
Ava Miller
My name is Ava Miller and I'm a professional photographer, my favorite and most used camera is the Nikon Z6 (Mirrorless). I'm the mother of two energetic medium-sized dogs, a Basset Hound and a Tricolored Beagle. In my spare time, I like to watch animal documentaries on my comfy couch. I have also recently taken up bike riding with my dogs. I certainly do enjoy going out, either just going for a drink or shopping, with friends or family. I try to post on AnimalPictures at least twice a week, but I often end up publishing several posts a day whenever I accidentally find absolutely priceless, new, must-see photos of dogs on the internet - I just can't help it.

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